Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final DesTinat!on

No matter how I imagine our final destination.. it always goes back to Beirut.
.... So we leave to study abroad.. met, then got together... where to go?
Or... say we marry... and after Bahrain's Crimson dream is achieved, what shall we do?
go to Beirut, of course!
Soliduier... <3
Everyday we would wake up to have coffee in one of the many cafes sometime nearing sunset..
where the sun is still clear enough to have me wearing my Ray Bans!
... We would go buy books by every week.. then neglect them because we got caught up with our own connotations~
In dawns where we haven't slept yet- we tackle those books for our money's worth...
my slims on one side... your lights's on the other~
... our balcony over looks the pier.
The Sea.
The breeze...
"NasSam 3alaina el.hawaa... mn mfraa2 el.waadi"
aaakkh~ Beirut <3
"Lii Bayroot..."

Picture Perfect~

It is White.. with a clear frontage of two big windows and a dark wooden door.
The drive through is dim.. a tiny source of light is hanging somewhere on the wooden door, where if you look closer.. you can almost see the inside of an off-white/creamie setting.
Back to the Windows... which to me are the appeal; Natures hand through tree vines made their way to both edges of the separated windows. Hugging each from a different corner. Pefectly meshing the colors of green, white and hints of faded yellow/brown leafs...
There is no sign of a fence... the territory is perfectly marked by the front lawn that stretched all the way to the sandy edge of the drive through.
between the grassy front is a brick plated pathway, again.. its is perfectly marked by Amadillo side lights.

"Twice remodeled~"
"really?!.. uh- is that a Blue room??"
"woah.. I Envy"

There in Nuzha, stands our own portrait of the "All White American Dream"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blue Fire

Blue Fire

Her posture sitting down made her look smaller than usual. Almost curled between big nylon pillows, her head was slanted, eyes not gazing at anything in particular. She roamed the quiet empty space in her blank mind. How long has it been? She can’t seem to recall much. She flexes her tiny fingers to realize the firm hold on her Rosary beads. She moved her hands, eyes fixated on a dimension unknown. Her palms traced the length of the beads. The sensitive tips of her fingers distinguished the curves and the engravings on each tiny rock.

She was looking for it. Although she knows where it is by heart, she kept the thrill of anticipating the feel. Perfectly rounded, it remained. Moving her fingers all around it, consuming her blank thoughts with the protruding carvings. Tracing her pinky nail in between the curvy maze. Drawing, once again, the perfected image of the Azure red-lined bead.

She trailed the fiery red line one last time. Depicting that heart like shape, again. She closed her eyes that now looked down at the Rosary at hand. Crumbling it with a tight fist, she brought it close to her sniffing nose… A long inhale.

- Lyra…!

Her name whispered by a distant figure. Her eyes slowly opened to the florescent light reflecting over her metallic gaze.
- It’s time..-- Sighing, she lays back into the puffy, now cold, nylon pillows.

- This will only sting for a bit

She always hated needles. Although told to relax and breathe, her grip tightened over the Rosary. Knowing well that in a few moments the feel will disappear. But… it’s ok. After all, the next time her eyes open, she can see the blue fire once again.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

BoreKinGDom ElonGaTed..!!

This is Long...
Waaayy tooo LOOOOONNnnngg

Strrreeeeetched OUT Y_Y...

ANY minute now you know it's gonna go *SNAAPP*




ARrrggh.. LIKE NOW !!!

* WAAAHHH!!! T_T *
I am bored *sniff, sniff*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Regards to Citizen Mayhem,

I was told to be cautious.. I was always told to walk away if needs be. I was always told to be the same, follow those who know best and you will be saved...

saved? from what?!

I have been saught after, I have been targeted by people of no certain connection... I have been bad-mouthed, back stabbed and hated...

Of all this, I have been told.

Yet I remain..

I remain unharmed.. nonchalant... confident... and most of all Inspired.


To not ever be (The Other)... To hold my Ground.. To Stand up for Me, Myself and I.

-A Junkie, and I never got my High that people have been basking in.
-A Party Animal in the mask of the Antisocialist... lucky Bastards know best, don't they?
-A Loner, The Friendless... Oh how I pitty Thee.

I am flattered, Truely.
Flattered to know that you, Citizen Mayhem, have made me the all binding Center of your dysfuctionaly Blunt Living. I am honored to be the Star highlighting your Murky existence.

010 Haters should get this; Along side Course Lines* that speak for themselves (: ...

Hatred fuels my blood
I'll burn you down (You can't help me)
Now I can understand
It's sorrow that feeds your lies
You will be shown How I've become....
Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you’re alive

* Course Lines:
Burn it Down: A7X
Indestructible: Disturbed

Monday, September 8, 2008

A World's Lose; En'na Le'Llah, Wa En'na Elaihe Raji3on.

3 Ramathan 1429/ 3 September 2008;
Our World lost a very special person this day...
A person who would have made this Life, without a doubt.. a Better Place.
Maryam (Rosemery) Santizo
Rest in Peace..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amphibian Arts

How on earth could I have missed such a thing?!..
I know they have been out for CENTURIES..


*I am so getting this for our Winter.. No drought Nor rainless days are going to STOP ME.